Monday, August 25, 2014

The Hidden Downtown

It’s easy to ignore the past, the dark, forgotten spaces that were once so familiar. But the past formed who we are today, whether we remember it or not.

In downtown Canton we have buildings that we walk by every day, buildings that are older than our grandparents, that have witnessed stage coaches and Model Ts. Many of these spaces are empty and undeveloped, but thanks to a handful of people with historic vision, they remain here, just out of sight.

I've had the opportunity to photograph some of these interiors. They are hauntingly beautiful, bearing witness to the concealed secrets of history: the intrigues of the ballroom, the bedroom trysts, the weariness of the factory.

I try to show what it feels like inside these buildings, rather than simply illustrating what they look like. I look for angles and perspectives that create dynamic interactions between deep shadows and bright highlights.

Colors are vibrant, rich, and intriguing. They unexpectedly surprise, a welcome sight in a sea of dismay. The textures, tones, and colors evoke a strong sense of timelessness and mystery.

My photographs paint these interiors with a sense of mystery. What hides clandestinely in those dark shadows? What is it the light reveals? What happened here so many years ago? Some spaces are large and expansive, others, small and confining. It’s easy to wonder who walked those floors, what deeds were done within their walls. Most of us will never see these spaces. We walk by, not knowing they are here, hidden treasures just out of sight. They've been here for years, a testament to our heritage, to our persistence.

This work explores the secrets hidden in these spaces.

Read the full article in About Magazine, the September issue.

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